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Bengals Safety Taylor Mays Expected To Return This Week

During the same press conference that floored Bengals fans with the not-so-shocking news that Jordan Shipley will miss the rest of the 2011 season, head coach Marvin Lewis pointed out that along with guard Otis Hudson, safety Taylor Mays will be back this week. Mays suffered a knee injury during the preseason finale against the Indianapolis Colts and has missed the first two regular season games this year. Hudson practiced some last week but wasn't active during Cincinnati's week two loss to the Denver Broncos.

The Bengals acquired Mays from San Francisco for the 49ers seventh round pick in 2013 midway through the preseason. Mays posted three tackles and a pass deflection during his most significant contribution during the preseason against Indianapolis before leaving the game in the second quarter. Mays is expected to backup Chris Crocker at strong safety and may even replace Crocker if the team's starting safety moves down into a nickel roll -- something he's done many times in the past -- during passing situations.

With the way that the Bengals rushing defense played against the Broncos, the team could use Mays' help.

Mays' debut with the Bengals will take place this Sunday against his former team, the 49ers, during Cincinnati's regular season opener (that has no shot in hell of selling out, or as we've been told). Manny Lawson and Nate Clements, two former 49ers, will also see their former team this Sunday.