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Leon Hall Is Cincinnati's "V-Factor"

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Every team has that player that teams focus on. Typically its that team's most productive player; though not always. It could be the explosive potential of A.J. Green, or the workman yardage-eater of Cedric Benson (or so we hope). It could be the pass rush of Carlos Dunlap, the boulder of Domata Peko or a punishing apocalypse of Rey Maualuga. These players keep coaches up at night, scribbling on the white board, wearing out iPads or at the very least staring off into space with an 80s rock ballad playing in the background.

KC Joyner of ESPN the Magazine charted that one player for all 32 teams, ranging from Cleveland's Colt McCoy (enter joke here) to Baltimore's Terrell Suggs.

That player in Cincinnati? Cornerback Leon Hall.

Receivers are touted for their ability to run the entire route tree, but let's give credit to the guys who are equally adept at uprooting them. In his four seasons, Hall has proved he's in that group, allowing fewer than 40 yards on eight of the 10 major route types and fewer than 20 yards on five of them in 2010.