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Bengals Roster Prediction #42: Cedric Peerman

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The Bengals will have to meet the Saturday afternoon deadline, reducing their maximum roster to 53 players. In the preceding weeks, we set our annual goal to have the perfect prediction, locking in the entire 53-man roster before the final rounds of cuts that take place though Saturday. To be honest this has been one of the hardest years doing this so we wouldn't be surprised if we didn't improve upon last year -- where we only missed two players.

That being said we do have our 25-player offense locked in. Let's get the roster locks set up.

#42: Cedric Peerman. With the team's focused philosophy with running the football (rather successfully during the preseason), it only makes sense that one strength on your roster is a core of capable running backs that can do virtually any task. Cedric Benson can pound the ball, killing the clock late in the game. Bernard Scott can turn the edge and return kickoffs. Brian Leonard can pick up first downs and Cedric Peerman can back 'em all up -- especially the pounding the football part. Running behind the Bengals backup offensive linemen, Peerman only averaged 3.4 yards/rush; though like his other three running back buddies, he did score a touchdown (against the Indianapolis Colts). What's really noticeable about Peerman is his running style; aggressive, that seems quick on his feet, able to countermand attempted tackles.

There is one caveat we have to point out that locks Peerman into the 2011 roster. Even though the league hasn't disciplined Benson for his May 2010 assault, it doesn't mean that they won't, now that Benson is currently in jail serving time for the assault (though it's not entirely expected either). If Benson is forced to miss a game or more, Peerman would be more than adequate to pick up the pieces until Benson's return.