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Roster Prediction Lock: Taking Injury Out Of The Equation At Tight End

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With 46 locks down on our 2011 roster prediction, we're now entering the final portion for our offense. The issue here is injury at tight end. A rather large variable is preventing us from making the most informed choice.

Bo Scaife, who suffered a shoulder injury against Carolina, is somewhat on the border, talking with specialists to see where he goes from here. We're fairly certain that news on Scaife's future won't be released until around the time the 53-man roster is announced.

Even then we're not even certain that Scaife makes the team even if his injury doesn't end his season. Along with not being particularly impressive, let's assume for a minute that the shoulder would require him to miss a quarter of the season, if not more. Do the Bengals keep him on the roster (and inactive) while letting Chase Coffman or Colin Cochart leave?

#47 Colin Cochart and #48 Chase Coffman. If Scaife goes on Injured Reserve, the Bengals will keep Colin Cochart and Chase Coffman behind starter Jermaine Gresham. If he isn't placed on Injured Reserve, we're not 100% sure that Scaife makes the 53-man roster anyway; so we're locking in Cochart and Coffman into the 2011 roster.

Tight Ends (3): Jermaine Gresham, Colin Cochart, Chase Coffman