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Six-Pack Of Who-Dey: Changes In The Roster Coming, Another Reason Whitworth Was Extended

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+ Bengals Roster Will Keep Changing. The Cincinnati Bengals have played their preseason games, conducted their training camps and practices. Originally at 90 players, the Bengals will have to cut a significant portion of their roster to get within the 53-man roster limit by Saturday's deadline at 6:00 p.m. Players will be released and waived. And after that, teams will go through available free agents and sign players to help build their own squads.

The Bengals could be just as active in this process as any team. Assuming every team right now has 80 players on their roster, 864 players that were signed with teams will become available for new teams to sign. Younger players under four years of experience will face the waiver wire, where the Bengals are fourth, for teams to claim. If no one claims those players and they're eligible for the practice squad, then the original team will be able to bring them back if they want to return.

So even though the Bengals may finalize a 53-man roster, it most likely won't be the same 53-man roster the team takes into the regular season. Could they go with a guard, find more help in the secondary? Perhaps they could make one final trade, much like they did last year, keeping cornerback David Jones on the roster and then trading him for safety Reggie Nelson.

+ Another Reason Extending Andrew Whitworth Was Right. There's no doubt that Andrew Whitworth's contract extension was the result of great play on the offensive line. And it was the best thing this could have done. It's not the only reason.

Along with having one of the most underrated offensive tackles in the game (who plays well as an offensive guard as well), the Bengals found a consummate pro and a true leader. Unlike other players that have come and gone, Whitworth is proud to play for the Cincinnati Bengals. He staged workouts with the offensive line as well as the entire offense during the lockout and showed tremendous leadership when no one else wanted the job on offense.

They didn't just pay Whitworth because he's good. They also paid him for the intangibles he brings.

+ The Price For Taylor Mays. Even if Taylor Mays plays to his scouting report as a strong run defender, but terrible cover safety, the fact that the team acquired him for the San Francisco 49ers seventh round pick still makes it worth it. What's more is that it wasn't San Francisco's seventh round pick in 2012; it's for the seventh round pick in 2013.

Mays played his first significant action during Cincinnati's preseason finale against the Indianapolis Colts, posting two tackles on defense with a special teams assist and a pass defensed.

+ Never Have To Teach Bobbie Williams To Stand By Your Quarterback. After the game Bengals starting right guard Bobbie Williams was asked about not playing for Carson Palmer.

"This is our team, the guys that are in this locker room. I’m sure they’re going to cut it down to the roster limit, but the guys who are in here will make up this team. This is going to be the makeup of this team. I’m glad to be a part of it and blocking for Andy Dalton."

+ Andy Dalton Has A Long Road Ahead. We're not meaning this as an insult; in fact it's fairly obvious that he's nowhere close to the finished product he's hoping to become. Hence the whole point of a rookie. There will be growing pains in the process and he will grow exponentially.

Dalton was the quarterback on 19 offensive possessions during the preseason; five ended with turnovers. Considering that one turnover was the result of A.J. Green trying to find yards after the catch, we can't really put that on Dalton. However he did have three picks and a fumbled exchange. These are the growing pains we expected and it's best that they began during the preseason.

To put the finishing touches on this, Dalton's 19 drives ended with 34 points (24 against Carolina), seven punts, five turnovers, two field goals, four touchdowns and a missed field goal. Of the 117 snaps during Dalton's drives, the Bengals averaged 4.91 yards per play and just under two first downs per possession.

+ Pat Sims on owning Colts Center Jeff Saturday:

"The way I play football, I don’t care who the name is," Sims said. "I just go out there if it’s Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or whatever it is. It’s the same way."

- Geoff Hobson