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BoDog Sets Bengals Players Over/Unders

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It's amazing to me the things you can sometimes bet on. I'm sure, somewhere during the season, there will be somebody willing to put money down, against huge odds, that Cedric Benson's pants will be pulled down the third time he's tackled by Ray Lewis and that tackle will take place on the Ravens' 30-yard line. 

Okay, so maybe not that drastic, but close.

BoDog has come out with over/unders for specific Bengals players and Joe Reedy was nice enough to share them with us.

Andy Dalton passing yards: 2,700

Andy Dalton touchdowns: 12 1/2

Andy Dalton interceptions: 15 1/2

Cedric Benson rushing yards: 1,110

Cedric Benson rushing touchdowns: 7

A.J. Green receiving  yards: 650

A.J. Green receiving touchdowns: 3 1/2

Jordan Shipley receiving yards: 650

Jerome Simpson receiving yards: 550

Carlos Dunlap sacks: 9 1/2

Leon Hall interceptions: 3 1/2

Odds of Marvin Lewis being the first coach fired in the 2011 regular season: 15/2

I'm not a huge gambler but maybe some of you are. If so, which ones seem like safe bets and which ones would you stay away from?