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Bengals To Workout Former Panthers Running Back Tyrell Sutton

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After a game is played on Sunday, the players go through films on Mondays (and a Mike Zimmer walk-through with the defense) and take the day off on Tuesdays. The coaches stick around on Tuesdays, formulating their game-plan for their next opponent and invite players for a workout.

According to Aaron Wilson, the Bengals are planning to workout former Carolina Panthers running back Tyrell Sutton. Originally signed as an undrafted free agent with the Packers, Sutton was released during final cuts. Before he could clear waivers to join the Packers practice squad, the Panthers claimed him and was primarily used to return kickoffs for Carolina. During his two seasons with Carolina, Sutton has rushed for 139 yards rushing on 25 carries in his past two seasons with the Panthers.

With Jordan Shipley going on Injured Reserve, the Bengals have a free slot available on the 53-man roster. Before going crazy that the Bengals are exploring a running back, consider this that the team may be looking for a player to add to the practice squad, especially if they decide to sign wide receiver Andrew Hawkins onto the 53-man roster.