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Report: Bengals Activate Andrew Hawkins Onto The 53-Man Roster

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According to Artrell Hawkins -- the guy with the best radio voice in the history of humanity (sorry Mo and Lance) -- Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver (and his little brother) Andrew Hawkins officially signed onto the Bengals 53-man roster after spending two weeks on the practice squad. Wide receiver Jordan Shipley suffered a torn ACL in his left knee against the Denver Broncos, ending his season on Injured Reserve. The original speculation was down to Hawkins' promotion to the 53-man roster or the return of Quan Cosby, who is still an available free agent.

Hawkins played three preseason games with the Bengals, posting one reception for 15 yards (against the New York Jets). What really impressed people with Hawkins was his effort on special teams, often the first one to down a punted football as well as some return work.

Even though Hawkins joins the 53-man roster, it will likely be down to him or Ryan Whalen for activation during games. And based on Hawkins track record as a special teams player, it could be him. Unless of course the team has a more aggressive gameplan through the air requiring multiple 4-5 wide receiver sets. If Whalen gets the opportunity, he'll make the most of it.

“You never want to see someone get hurt and Jordan Shipley means a lot to this team because he’s a great player and person,” said Whalen. “The way that he creates separation with his shiftiness and some of the moves that he makes in the slot are really helpful to watch, because he can get open against guys that are really good players. Even though I wasn’t playing, I’ve prepared for the opportunity and if it comes, I’ll make the most of it and do the best that I can.”

There's also rumor going around that the team signed former Bearcats receiver Armon Binns.