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Week 3 NFL Power Rankings: PFT Moves Bengals Up One Spot After Loss to Broncos

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Last week, Pro Football Talk moved the Bengals from last place up six spots to No. 26 in the wake of the Bengals' win over the Browns in Cleveland. In their next game, the Bengals lost by two points to the Broncos in Denver but, like ESPN, PFT decided not to drop them in their next power rankings.

Instead PFT decided they would move the Bengals up one more spot from No. 26 to No. 25. Behind the Bengals PFT believes the Rams, Browns, Vikings, Seahawks, Colts, Dolphins and the Chiefs are worse teams in that order. Directly ahead of them, PFT believes that the Broncos, Jaguars, Titans and 49ers are a little better. The only team with an 0-2 record that they have ranked higher than the Bengals are the Panthers, who are sitting at No. 19.

With three of the next four Bengals games being played in Paul Brown Stadium in front of Bengals fans, the Bengals have a good chance of moving up in the next few power rankings. Of course, in the division, the Bengals sit at 1-1 and squarely in second place, which is all that matters right now.