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Week 3 NFL Power Rankings: SB Nation Continues Trend

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SB Nation was one of the only groups who published NFL power rankings heading into the season that didn't rank the Bengals dead last. Once the Bengals beat the Browns in Cleveland, SB Nation improved the Bengals ranking from No. 21 to No. 27. Will they follow ESPN and Pro Football Talk in their week 3 rankings by moving the Bengals up even though they lost to the Broncos in Denver on Sunday?

Yes they will.

SB Nation decided to move the Bengals up two spots from No. 27 to No. 25 in the NFL in their latest power rankings. They think the Dolphins, Panthers, Broncos, Seahawks, Vikings, Colts and Chiefs are worse teams in that order. They also think that the Browns, Raiders, Rams, Cardinal and 49ers are better teams.

I would complain about the Browns being ranked ahead of the Bengals since the Bengals beat them by 10 points in week one, but I see that SB Nation still listed the Bengals as better than the Broncos despite the two-point loss on Sunday. So I'll just keep my mouth shut.