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Bengals Early Bird Special

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Good morning everyone! It's a new day and with every new day there's a new beginning. New opportunities for us to improve ourselves, to go out and learn something new, or to lurk around on the Internet and do whatever it is you do on here.

Jordan Shipley is out for the season. That honestly sucks. And I'm pretty sure we can all come to that conclusion. Shipley is obviously a fan favorite for his abilities on the field, and well he was probably the Bengals second best receiver, (behind A.J. Green and ahead of Andre Caldwell and Jerome "I can't catch the ball" Simpson). This was suppose to be a breakout season for Shipley, but now he can focus on recovering and regaining his strength for the 2012 season.

With Shipley out for the season, Caldwell is undoubtedly assured to receive (no pun intended) more playing time. Caldwell is going to have to show some old glimpses of his 2009 form if he wants to move up the depth chart. I think Caldwell will do an adequate job of managing third receiver. 

As for Sunday's loss to the Broncos, even though the outcome is what I was anticipating, I noticed an improvement for the offense. Andy Dalton didn't look like a rookie out there, minus that whole fourth and one play-action crap. For a majority of the game he looked as confident, like a veteran of the league, like a leader of a football squad that doesn't contain many leaders in the first place. 

Can you say stud? I can. A.J. Green. On Sunday, Green also looked as if he wasn't playing in only his second professional game. He made highlight-reel catches and on the Bengals final drive he had the knowledge to get out-of bounds in order to stop the clock. Holy crap! A rookie being aware of how much time was left in the game and knowing how crucial every second is is unheard of. Alright, maybe not unheard of, but it still deserves praise.

Hopefully this Sunday against the 49ers the Bengals will be able to grow in their development even more. I believe Dalton and Green will both continue heading in the right direction this week and help the Bengals re-enter the win column.

Alright here is a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from Tuesday.