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Infirmary Report: Safety Taylor Mays Returns To Practice; 49ers WR Braylon Edwards Out For Sunday

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Bengals safety Taylor Mays suffered a sprained knee in the second quarter during Cincinnati's preseason finale against the Indianapolis Colts. Mays hasn't practiced nor played against either the Cleveland Browns or Denver Broncos. However, as originally speculated last week, Mays returned to practice on Wednesday.

After the Bengals gave up over 130 yards rushing to the Denver Broncos, a safety strong in run support helps especially against Frank Gore, whose 8,100 yards from scrimmage since 2006 ranks second in the NFL. Additionally the last time Gore played the Bengals (2007), he ran for 138 yards rushing on 29 attempts.

Defensive end Robert Geathers sat out of Wednesday's practice with a shoulder. Geathers missed all three practices last week and Cincinnati's week two loss to the Denver Broncos. Dontay Moch, who broke a bone in his foot during the third preseason game of the year, also sat out Wednesday.

On the other hand, according to our friends at Niners Nation, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Braylon Edwards will be out after having a procedure done on his knee. This is unfortunate because one of our fondest memories when Edwards played with the Browns was the time he didn't catch the football. Am I right?