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Cincinnati Media Confirms Investigation Into Jerome Simpson And Anthony Collins

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Reports began emerging Wednesday night that Bengals starting wide receiver Jerome Simpson and backup offensive tackle Anthony Collins were detained and questioned when a "package allegedly containing 2.5 pounds of marijuana arrived at (Jerome Simpson's) house in what authorities called a controlled delivery." Aleen Smith allegedly signed for the package.

The breaking story has since been confirmed. Joe Reedy and Janice Morse of the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote:

Authorities swooped in after a package containing 2.5 pounds of California marijuana was allegedly delivered to the home where a Cincinnati Bengals player lives – and investigators found six more pounds of pot inside the home, says Michelle Gregory, spokeswoman for the California Department of Justice.

According to their report, Simpson allegedly gave officers "consent to search the premises", which turned up another six pounds of marijuana. No arrests were made and both players reportedly attended Wednesday's practice.

A Fox 19 report, which also confirms the story, suggests that Collins lives with Simpson in his Northern Kentucky home. According to both reports the issue right now is who will prosecute; which could answer why no one has been arrested yet.

They are continuing to talk to other police agencies and discuss who will investigate further and handle the prosecution. (Michelle Gregory) says it very well could be a federal case, though local police could possible handle it. 

The story was also confirmed by Local 12's sports director Brad Johansen.