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Marvin Lewis On Bernard Scott: It's My Fault Why He Hasn't Played More

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Backup running back Bernard Scott ran the ball three times for one yard during the first two games of his NFL career in 2009. The following year Scott touched the football 14 times (11 rushes, 3 receptions) and posted 67 yards from scrimmage. This year Scott ran the football six times for 13 yards rushing, mostly to give feature back Cedric Benson a break. Scott relieved Benson during Cincinnati's regular season kickoff against the Browns after the team's feature back ran the football 10 times during the game's first two possessions. Scott came into the game againts the Broncos who Benson needed to change his gluteus maximus torn pants.

Marvin Lewis on Wednesday admitted that Scott needs more carries, taking blame for the running back's inaction through the first two games this season.

“I just have to do it. I really do. And that’s my fault," Lewis said. “I’ve got to do it and say, ‘OK, this is when.’ I think sometimes we get caught up in the flow of the game and the situation. ‘Oh, we had a three-and-out. Well, OK, it’s Bernard’s turn.’ If that goes three-and-out, then so be it. We’ll know we can go three-and-out and with whoever the back is at times.

“As I’ve looked over the NFL the last few years I think the Giants have done the best job of platooning their guys like that, getting the guy in and going, letting the guy play for a series and then the other guy comes back for a series and they alternate them. They just do it, I think for longevity purposes over the season, that’s the way to do it. And in Bernard’s case, I think he’s deserving to get to play more and more, to get the chance to touch the ball.”