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Jerome Simpson Excused From Practice; Anthony Collins Returns

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While offensive tackle Anthony Collins is attending Thursday's practice, wide receiver Jerome Simpson has been excused according to multiple sources. Simpson is under investigation for owning the residence in which 2.5 pounds of marijuana was delivered from Eureka, California (ironically the birthplace of middle linebacker Rey Maualuga).

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis appeared on XM's NFL radio saying:

"I've been appraised of the situation for a few days now and unfortunately Anthony's name got put into it for no reason. It was at Jerome's house and it's an investigation that's going on. He's cooperating and doing what he can to help in the investigation."

We've largely felt the impression that Collins was at the wrong place at the wrong time and that this surrounds Simpson. One Fox 19 report suggested that Collins is currently living with Simpson. At the same time, Local 12 sports director Brad Johansen did tweet on Wednesday night that both men, not just Simpson, were apart of the investigation.