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Simpson-Gate: Investigators Determining Who Will Prosecute And What Charges Are To Be Filed

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Most of you know the reports. For those of you unaware, Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson was excused from practice on Thursday, a day after reports surfaced that 2.5 pounds of marijuana arrived at Simpson's home, where authorities found an additional six pounds. Simpson and teammate Anthony Collins were detained and questioned, however no arrests were made.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, writing that speculation that prison time will be involved, investigators are currently determining who will prosecute the case and what charges will be filed.

The investigation continues, with federal and state investigators sorting out who will prosecute the case and what charges will be filed - and against whom, Michelle Gregory said.

Michelle Gregory is the "spokeswoman for the California Department of Justice.

Since the drugs crossed multiple state lines, federal and felony charges are likely and there could be prison time, she said. Conspiracy charges also could come into play.

“These can be very serious charges,” Gregory said. “You are sending illegal drugs through the mail. Depending on the charges, I think at the very least there will be prison time.”

Police said, per the Enquirer, that the case will be "addressed later Thursday by the Kenton County Prosecutor's Office."