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Marvin Lewis Reiterates: Anthony Collins Not Involved In Anything

With Jerome Simpson appearing in more trouble than he could possibly imagine, the second half to this story was that of backup offensive tackle Anthony Collins. Initial reports suggested that Collins was interviewed and detained, along with Simpson. Likely because the delivery was made to Simpson's house, where they found the state of California's weed supply, Anthony Collins may avoid any charges.

At least that's the perception that Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis is showing. During an interview on XM Radio, Lewis said in response:

"I've been appraised of the situation for a few days now and unfortunately Anthony's name got put into it for no reason. It was at Jerome's house and it's an investigation that's going on. He's cooperating and doing what he can to help in the investigation."

Lewis was asked about it again after practice, disturbing his fragile sense of serenity, saying:

"The only thing I know is that Anthony Collins wasn't involved in anything at all. The other thing I'm not allowed to comment about anything so we'll just move forward and get ready to play football. Anything else?"