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Players Around The NFL Calling Carson Palmer A "Chump" (And Other Things)

Former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer might be demanding a trade and threatening to retire if his "request" isn't capitulated, but he might not find any common ground with players in the league today.'s Mike Freeman writes that players around the league are making fun of Palmer, but not in a good way.

Maybe the guy's happy with his life. But I can tell you there are players around the league ripping Palmer as a chump who was afraid to take on the challenge of sticking with the Bengals and making them good again. Some players are calling him the word that is slang for a cat. They also feel he's getting a pass from the media.

In a sense this is unfortunate (well, sort of), but did we really expect anything else from football players, who put their bodies on the line for the team's that they play for? These guys aren't stupid and they're not going to so welcoming of a quarterback that packed up and ditched town when adversity returned and his elitist frame of mind wasn't satisfied. Good for him.

Outside observers may (and have) say that the Bengals ruined Carson Palmer's career, but most of us will add, Palmer really did it to himself.