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Peter King Said What: Bengals Extend Their Status As Favorites To 2.5 Points

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The Cincinnati Bengals opened the week as 1.5-point favorites heading into their week three game, dubbed the "I used to play for them" game, against the San Francisco 49ers. And with everything that happened to the team, form injuries to reported issues with law enforcement and league suspensions, the Bengals haven't just secured that advantage, they've picked up another point, according to Odds Shark putting the Bengals at 2.5-point favorites as of Friday.

Not only that, but Sports Illustrated's Peter King predicts Cincinnati will beat the San Francisco 49ers by ten points.

Guess who's the eighth-rated quarterback in football after two weeks, with a 105.7 rating, completing 66 percent of his throws, with zero interceptions in eight quarters? Two clues: He's playing in this game. And he's got red hair. If you can't answer it, you need to click away from this page. Immediately.

Technically, six quarters. But who's counting (other than every Bengals fan alive).