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Rumors Circulating About More Bengals Involved In Drug Conspiracy

We all know about the Jerome Simpson drug situation. We also know that offensive lineman Anthony Collins has been back at practice and isn't being investigated along with Simpson. He seemed to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So, it's just Simpson, right? I mean even though losing Simpson to prison would be a pretty big hit to this team, it's only Simpson. Right? RIGHT?

Well, it would seem that might not be the case.

@joereedy Any truth to the rumors about 7 other players being involved with this drug investigation?
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@DaleAltman There's a lot of rumors right now, that is one of them
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As The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy points out, it's only a rumor that there are other players other than Simpson being investigated so it's nothing that we need to freak out about right now. However, this is a situation that we should, and will be, keeping our eyes on. 

Hopefully nothing comes of this and this article is the only one that gets published on the subject. We'll keep you updated if we find something, though. 

I really hope we don't find anything.