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Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis Won't Rule Jerome Simpson Out This Sunday

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Even with everything being reported and speculated about Jerome Simpson's current situation, Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis still isn't ruling the wide receiver out this weekend against the San Francisco 49ers. During the team released practice update, with this weekend's status on Friday's reports, Simpson is listed as "questionable". Marvin Lewis said after practice:

"We're talking to people to see what the best thing is for Jerome. Any decision I make on it is going to be what people recommend to me is the best thing for him."

If Simpson doesn't play Sunday -- and there's really no reason to believe that he will -- wide receiver Andre Caldwell will take his place. Simpson is noted for having a great two-game stretch during the final two games of the regular season posting 18 receptions for 247 yards receiving and three touchdowns. While not as effective, yet just as impressive, Caldwell posted 270 yards receiving in the final three games during last year's regular season.

Now if Simpson does play, we're fairly certain that most of Sunday's post-game comments will be to answer the obessive nature of Simpson's situation.