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Boldest Bengals Fans: Those That Pay Tickets And Go To The Games

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In a way it's crazy to think about this. Bengals fans going to Bengals games are bold? Really? How can Bengals fans be considered bold just for attending a game that features their favorite NFL team? Isn't that what Bengals fans are supposed to do; paint fear and awesome with an assortment of orange, black and white on their faces, like William Wallace at the Battle of Stirling Bridge?

Not only do Bengals fans that go to games prevent Paul Brown Stadium from being a barren wasteland, but those fans are often ridiculed by other fans that boycott games in the belief that giving Mike Brown money (and thus justification about what he's doing) is like eating the apple off the forbidden tree. A widespread belief exists that if games do not sellout -- and the lower the ticket sales the better -- then a higher probability exists that change will be made.

Yet those Bengals fans that go to the games don't care what others think. They go to the games, cheering a likeable group of guys that needs the support of fans that can put aside their bitter resentment towards Mike Brown aside for an afternoon.