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Defending Cincy Jungle

Earlier this week Jerome Simpson was detained and interviewed by authorities after a package with 2.5 pounds of marijuana arrived at the front door of his Kentucky residence. After giving consent to check the premises, investigators found an additional six pounds of marijuana in Simpson's home, along with packing supplies that authorities surmise could have been used to setup a distribution center. Offensive tackle Anthony Collins was present, but he assures the public of his innocence -- something that head coach Marvin Lewis has publicly claimed.

On Friday Cincy Jungle's own Jason Garrison referenced a tweet that suggested rumors were circulating that additional Bengals players could be involved in the drug investigation that surfaced earlier this week. It was a reasonable post. We are Bengals fans as much as anyone and it's our duty to reference the possibility that other Bengals players could be involved. Here's the bulk of Jason's post on Friday; our sole reference to the rumors that we felt needed to be addressed.

As The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy points out, it's only a rumor that there are other players other than Simpson being investigated so it's nothing that we need to freak out about right now. However, this is a situation that we should, and will be, keeping our eyes on.

Hopefully nothing comes of this and this article is the only one that gets published on the subject. We'll keep you updated if we find something, though.

I really hope we don't find anything.

Clearly we state (several times) that this is a complete rumor and we point out that the authoring tweet clearly points out that it is one of many rumors that's been heard. Nothing more. Fact is we didn't interpret anything: we quoted the tweet that referenced the responding tweet that upwards to seven players could be involved. Most of Jason's posting was a plea that he hopes the rumor, again clearly signifying it as such without providing any additional unsubstantiated information or any interpretation, is false.

The situation does have to play itself out. Hours after reports surfaced about Simpson's trouble, we were one of the first websites that suggested patience until more information was known. The one time we dove into our speculative spirits, we reached out to a local defense attorney that paved a little light into how much trouble Simpson could be in.

It's a nasty rumor to be sure that could have lasting affects on the Cincinnati Bengals if any of it is proven true and we hope that none of it comes to fruition. Because that would be one of the worst moments that this franchise could ever face.