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NY Post: Substantial Progress Made Between The NFL Network And Time Warner Cable

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The NFL Network and Time Warner Cable have made what the New York post describes as "substantial progress" that could give Time Warner Cable customers the NFL Network's full-slate of games this year. One of the key components that progressed talks, writes the New York Post, is that the cable company conceded their stance to put the NFL Network on their sports tier that would require customers to pay extra.

With that reportedly dropped, Time Warner Cable customers won't have to pay extra for the service -- though one could argue that the service could force TWC to increase their overall rates to compensate (that tends to happen).

Now, TWC is ready to put the eight-year old network on a basic, digital tier that will cost sports fans no more than they are currently paying -- which is $78.99 a month in Manhattan for customers who get only TV service from TWC.

The source close to the cable company cautioned that talks with the NFL Network have started and stopped before, and that there is no guarantee they will be successful this time.

The first regular season game that will kickoff NFL Network's slate of eight games is between the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers on November 10.

Oakland Raiders San Diego Chargers Thursday, November 10
New York Jets Denver Broncos Thursday, November 17
San Francisco 49ers Baltimore Ravens Thursday, November 24
Philadelphia Eagles Seattle Seahawks Thursday, December 1
Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday, December 8
Jacksonville Jaguars Atlanta Falcons Thursday, December 15
Dallas Cowboys Tampa Bay Buccaneers Saturday, December 17
Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Thursday, December 22