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Ineffective Offenses Means Punts And Defensive Promotions: Bengals Lead 3-0 After Both Teams Exhange Punts (Again)

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After Cincinnati's Mike Nugent opened the game with a massive three-point lead, both offenses have struggled. Neither has a running game going, enough Cedric Benson ran the football eight times in the first quarter. Both offenses converted a first down before punting the football back and forth to each other.

Nothing has changed.

The Bengals with 0:59 remaining in the first quarter, was stuck in a third-and-12 situation after A.J. Green was called for a false start. After that the first quarter was whistled over and the ensuing 3rd-and-12 began with enough pressure to push Andy Dalton out of the pocket, finding Andre Caldwell on a short route underneath for a limited gain.

With 14:12 left in the second quarter, the 49ers went three-and-out thanks to three straight Alex Smith pass attempts, one completed for five yards. No Frank Gore on the possession, who has only ran twice in the game thus far.

Both teams have punted after Cincinnati's game-opening field goal.