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Andy Dalton Throws His Second Interception During Two Minute Offense

With 2:16 left in the game, Brandon Tate returns the kickoff to the Bengals 17-yard line, setting up perhaps the biggest two minute offense during Andy Dalton's young career. This comes after he threw his first NFL interception to Carlos Rogers.

It like it didn't even happen to the young quarterback's physique.

On first down Andy Dalton finds Jermaine Gresham, with a pass rush wrapping the quarterback, near the numbers on the left on a crossing pattern to pick up 22 yards before running out of bounds. Dalton, loving himself some tight end action (wow, that sounded bad), fires another pass over the middle for Gresham, finding the tight end for another 17 yards. Two plays and now Jermaine Gresham is the team's leading receiver with 51 yards receiving.

After the two minute warning, the Bengals offense sets up at San Francisco's 44-yard line. Dalton takes the first down snap, fires to Andre Caldwell on an out, from his slot receiver position, picking up eight yards and running out of bounds. The rookie quarterback drops back from shotgun, looks over the middle and severely throws behind Jermaine Gresham, who didn't bother turning around to look for the pass, that led to a Reggie Smith interception.

The booth reviews it and confirms the interception, giving San Francisco possession.