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Open Thread: Bengals Lose 13-8 To The San Francisco 49ers

Bengals lost 13-8 in a game that featured all defense and a struggling Bengals offense. Though they were strong for much of the game, the defense gave up just enough plays that allowed the San Francisco 49ers to win the game; though the offense was really the antagonist for this game.

It's a hard loss for a team that's falling just short of going 3-0 this season, instead taking a 1-2 record into the fourth week of the season against a hot Buffalo Bills team that's undefeated and hasn't lost to the Bengals since 1988.

Talk about today's game, what your impressions were and where you think the Bengals need to improve. Remember, keep things in perspective. We're still above where we thought they were at this point last month. And you could probably count the plays on one hand that if gone differently, the Bengals are undefeated (but they're not).