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The Obligatory World Isn't Ending Post After A Bengals Loss

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It's over, oh the humanity. The Earth's crust splits open, tsunamis wipe out the coasts and Sci-Fi Channel's 10.5 earthquake shatters homes into a bundle of distruction across the landscape. It's over.

Why? Well, the Cincinnati Bengals lost by five points on Sunday, of course. This comes only three weeks into a regular season in which perspectives are suddenly dissolving. The Bengals have a rookie quarterback. It might be lost on some people that this is still, in fact a rookie quarterback that just completed his third game in his short NFL career. And in truth he looked like a rookie Sunday afternoon against the San Francisco 49ers. But expecting greatness at this stage isn't an issue with the Cincinnati Bengals; it's unrealistic expectations of a team that everyone agreed was rebuilding and that rebuilding process will go through growing pains. Today was one of those days.

The Bengals have a rookie offensive coordinator. Jay Gruden is learning as much as any rookie in the NFL right now. What plays to call, how to adjust, taking advantage of what works and being adaptive enough to ditch what doesn't. You expected him to put together one of the league's top offenses with a rookie quarterback, rookie wide receiver and a second-year tight end that he himself said, "I'm hurting the team", during post-game comments on the Bengals radio network?

Fortunately, I have great news for you. The world isn't ending and tomorrow the sun will rise. This team, which is one of the youngest in the league, will learn. They'll adjust and grow. And if you're not willing to be patient while the team grows during a rebuilding season, then perhaps it's time to take the year off, because this is the way it's going to be for awhile.