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What Others Are Saying After The Bengals 13-8 Loss To The 49ers

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The Cincinnati Bengals weren't an impressive group on Sunday. So what are others saying about Cincinnati's 13-8 loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday?

+ Peter King of Sports Illustrated took notice of how empty Paul Brown Stadium was on Sunday, which feel 22,000 seats short of a full capacity. Indirectly King points out that an ugly loss to the 49ers isn't inspiring potential ticket buyers to purchase expensive tickets to watch that.

d. Guess I don't blame the fans in Cincinnati, but a couple of wide shots of the game with San Francisco showed a lot of empty seats. When you don't sell out the home opener (the announced crowd was 43,363), and when you lose to the Niners, you could have some ugly home dates.

+ Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports goes one up on King demanding a refund if he were a season-ticket holder and then sue the team for fraud.

The San Francisco-Cincinnati game. If I was a Bengals season-ticket holder, I would demand a refund. I would sue the Bengals for fraud over the stadium the city built for them. I’m sure that somewhere in the contract it says that the Bengals were supposed to provide a "professional" product. The Bengals averaged less than five yards per pass attempt and converted only one of 10 third-downs. This is ridiculous.

+ MJD of Shutdown Corner takes a more football-related approach, pointing out that while Andy Dalton started out nicely for a rookie quarterback, games like the one against the San Francisco 49ers are bound to happen:

If yesterday was "rookie quarterbacks falling back to earth" day, Andy Dalton should probably get top billing over Cam Newton(notes). Anytime you're outdueled by Alex Smith, it has not been a good day. Dalton finished 17-of-32 for 157 yards, with zero touchdowns and two interceptions. Bengals fans have just as much reason to be excited about their young quarterback as do Panthers fans, but days like yesterday are going to happen, too.