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Jerome Simpson Expected To Practice This Week

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Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis decided around 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning to dress Jerome Simpson and let him play against the San Francisco 49ers, even with a foggy drug investigation that has him center in the known football universe.

Though the information made available to the public is limited (and we imagine will stay limited while an investigation is ongoing), Lewis "expects Simpson to practice this week" in anticipation for their week four meeting against the undefeated (and impressive) Buffalo Bills.

When asked after the game why he decided to play Simpson, Lewis said that he was "advised not to speak about it, so I think it is best we just leave it at that, and whatever course of action is taken when the time comes will be dealt with accordingly." In other words, since Simpson is free to roam this Earth and play with god's creations while exploring mother nature, he's also free to play football games in the NFL.

Even with only posting one reception for six yards, Simpson is the team's second-most targeted receiver through three games this year, one behind A.J. green's 23 targets, and the most explosive with a 20.7 yard/reception average (thanks 84-yarder!).