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Join us For Real Football Talk with

Join us on Thursday for our weekly podcast, Real Football Talk with Dave Wellman (BeerRun), Joe Goodberry, Anthony Cosenza and I will talk about the Bengals loss last weekend to the San Francisco 49ers and about the upcoming game against the Bills this Sunday.

We will be joined by Buffalo sports radio host Brad Riter, who will give us some insite into the Buffalo Bills' amazing 3-0 start to the 2011 season and what we should look for when the Bills take the field in Paul Brown Stadium.

If you want to call in to ask us or Brad a question, feel free. Just dial 661-449-9301 and we'll get you on the air. If you would rather just sit back and listen, you can do so here.

We'd like to thank our sponsor, Art of Smiles Dentistry -- transforming smiles into beautiful works of art. Follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook or just give them a call at 513-367-4441. Find out what promotion they're running for the month of October.