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Bengals Officially Announce That Week Four Home Game Against Bills Will be Blacked Out.

On Tuesday the Bengals officially announced that their home game against the Buffalo Bills will be blacked out. This is the second consecutive game (out of two consecutive games) of the 2011 season and it's the sixth game in a row extending the streak that started in week 11 of the 2010 season ironically against the Buffalo Bills on November 21.

This means that the game will not be televised within a 75-mile radius of Cincinnati area and that includes subscribers of DirecTV's Sunday NFL Ticket.

Instead of beating a dead horse and talking about how much I hate the NFL's blackout policy because it's a smack in the face of football fans in today's economy, I'll just say that I'm not expecting to see a single home Bengals game on TV this season because I'm within the 75-mile blackout area.

Next week the Bengals travel to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars, so at least we know we can watch that game.