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Miami Dolphins Rumor Offering A Conditional Third-Round Pick Denied By The Bengals

What do you think of my bear impression? Scary, huh?
What do you think of my bear impression? Scary, huh?

According to Rick Smith of All Sports Intel, the Miami Dolphins recently offered the Cincinnati Bengals a conditional third round selection for veteran quarterback Carson Palmer. Based upon reaching certain conditions, that selection could become a second round pick "if certain goals" are reached. One unnamed Bengals official told Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer that there's "zero truth" to the rumor.

According to WLW, who sources the Associated Press, the Bengals are generally seeking a first round pick but would accept a second-rounder "in exchange for Palmer," who would bury Miami's salary cap with an $8.97 million cap figure with only $8 million available for the Dolphins.

It wouldn't be the first time that the Dolphins were somehow linked to a trade for Carson Palmer -- all of which ends with someone pounding their fist on the preverbal table saying "it's not happening" and all of us accepting it because someone shouted it loudly enough. Note: this is all rumored so take it as such.