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Meet Saul Shuller: A Man With A Funny Quote As He Passes

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Meet Saul Shuller:

The way Saul Shuller lived his longer-than-most-people's life was really something. He swore by Vitamin E, never showed a bad attitude and believed crossword puzzles kept his mind fresh. He was in his 80s when he taught himself to use a computer, which he then used to teach himself to play bridge. He loaded classical music onto his iPad. He complained almost never - except about traffic on Interstate 75.

Shuller died on Sunday at the age of 95. His obituary described him as a fun man:

"He just made life joyous," said his daughter, Barbara Hahn of Indian Hill. "He liked to tinker. He loved electronics. He was a comedian and a storyteller par excellence. You couldn't ask him a question and get a one-word answer. He'd say, 'Let me tell you a story about that."

And while the death of a family member is always sad, it's hard not to laugh at the man's humor as he passes away.

Accepting that the end was near, the funny grandfather and great-grandfather said earlier in the day there was an upside to death: at least he wouldn't have to watch another Bengals loss.

A friend called me with this story, after hearing it on Lance McAlister's show and I couldn't help but chuckle. Not because of anything else other than it being something that any of us could whisper as we journey on to the great beyond. Here's hoping to the Shuller family with their loss of a truly fun guy; something this world needs more of.