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Why Is Cedric Peerman On The Bengals Roster?

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As most of you are well aware, Bengals running back Cedric Benson is facing a three-game suspension for his arrest during the NFL lockout. While the issue is still in the appeals process, the Bengals are proactively trying out veteran running backs to which they would presumably use to fill in for Benson during his potential suspension. Two players that the Bengals have tried out so far are Larry Johnson, who has filled in for the Benson previously, as well as Clinton Portis. Both Johnson and Portis have the size and power running style which the Bengals clearly value.

My question is, if Cedric Peerman is not a 20 plus carry workhorse back who would be able to fill in for Benson in case of injury or suspension, why is he on the roster? Not including FB Chris Pressley, the Bengals decided to keep four running backs where they usually only keep three. Brian Leonard is the pass catching specialist who thrives on third downs. Bernard Scott is the speedy change of pace back who is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. Peerman's value seems to be concurrent with the fact that he would be the only backup capable of logging the ball over 20 times per game to protect Leonard and Scott from undue wear and tear. Considering that the Bengals are actively looking for outside help for the running back position if/when Benson is suspended shows that they are hesitant to turn the reins over to Peerman. If this assumption is correct then what value does Peerman have being on the 53-man roster? Would the team not be better off by including someone on the roster who may be able  to actively contribute during the games? What do you think?