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Bengals Mid-Afternoon Special: Cincinnati Facing Off Against the Bills

Good afternoon everyone! That's right. Afternoon. Not morning. The weekend is quickly approaching. So don't fret, you only have one more full day of being stuck in the office until you're free.

This Sunday we all know the Bengals will be taking on the undefeated Bills. I promise that's not a typo. Buffalo has actually won their first three games this season. And I'll give them credit. They have defeated some relatively tough opponents.

Going into the season there were higher expectations for the Kansas City Chiefs. But let's face it, the Bills made them look like some College Division-II team. Buffalo absolutely dominated them. And the Bills pulled out victories against the Raiders and the team that everyone loves to hate, the New England Patriots. It's not a knock on the Bills or anything, but I feel as if they have been really lucky up to this point. Against the Patriots, the Bills were down 11 points at half. They outscored the Patriots 24-10 in the second half. Tom Brady didn't look like himself. I hate the guy, but he's a pretty damn good quarterback. You never see Brady throw that many interceptions in a game. If he doesn't make those mistakes then the Patriots probably would have won the game.

Going into Sunday though, the Bills are going to see a pass-rush that they have yet to deal with this season. They haven't been overwhelmed with a significant amount of pressure up to this point. Fans can brag about their teams all they want, but the Bengals defensive line is insane. We all know that. I think Carlos Dunlap and company are going to have a field day when it comes to putting pressure on Ryan Fitzpatrick

I can see this Sunday being the  game where we see the Ryan Fitzpatrick of old. Right now it seems as though he is in another world. Almost like an unstoppable force. But I see the Bengals bringing him back to normalcy. I can envision the Bengals knocking him of his horse and disrupting his comfort on a constant basis. Hopefully the Bengals can hand the Bills their first loss of the season.

Alright here is a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from Wednesday.

  • Despite not playing in any of the Bengals first three games of the regular season, Marvin Lewis believes that Taylor Mays has a high upside.
  • Each and every week health is going to be a key factor for every team. And heading into week four the Bengals are in better shape health wise compared to the Buffalo Bills.
  • The Bengals have some workhorses at running back. But one player that doesn't seem to fit that label and probably shouldn't be on the active roster is Cedric Peerman.
  • During the Bengals last match-up against the Bills, wide receiver Steve Johnson burned the Bengals secondary, so to say. This Sunday the Bengals secondary will look to get their revenge.
  • Cincy Jungle presents their MVP of the week. And the winner is......
  • In their last match-up the Bengals cruised into the half with a 24-point lead, but ended up losing by 18 points. Let's hope that doesn't repeat itself.
  • Check out the mid-week injury report.
  • So far this season the Bengals have had made eight trips into the red zone. And out of those eight trips the Bengals have reached the end zone in three of those appearances. It could be worse, but it could be better.
  • With Cedric Benson's impending suspension, there is more to the situation than you think To us fans it might seem like it's a matter of games and money. But it's not just about the games, it also has to deal with an internal struggle with NFLPA.