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Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis Expects Jerome Simpson To Start Against The Bills

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Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson is expected to start for the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills, said Marvin Lewis on Thursday. Through three games this year, Simpson is the team's third-leading receiver with nine receptions and 186 yards receiving. Even though he played only 30 snaps against the San Francisco 49ers last week, Simpson has been targeted 22 times this season, one less than the team's most targeted receiver A.J. Green (23). That being said Simpson has only caught 41% of the passes thrown to him.

His best game this year came against the Denver Broncos in week two, posting 136 yards receiving on four receptions, thanks to an 84-yarder in the fourth quarter that resulted in a touchdown two plays later.

For the past week, a drug investigation has been swirling around Simpson that began after 2.5 pounds of marijuana was shipped to his front door in what authorities called a "controlled delivery". Investigators discovered another six pounds in his home, along with materials that forced law enforcement to conclude that the house was being used as a distribution center. No arrests have been made, though Simpson was interviewed and detained along with offensive tackle Anthony Collins, who for the most part appears cleared.