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Bengals Early Bird Special: Bengals Welcome Bills to Town for Showdown

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Good morning y'all! The weekend is practically here! Can you taste it? Can you smell the victory of finally being able to relax and enjoy a cold brewski in your "Man Cave." Kudos to you if you can. Not all of us are that fortunate.

Anyone else pumped for Sunday's showdown against the Bills? I know I am. The Bengals are set to face-off against the, and I can't believe I'm saying this, the undefeated Buffalo Bills.

Yeah Buffalo has looked good this year. Blah, blah, blah. They aren't going to go undefeated this season. I don't care if they pulled off a miracle comeback victory against the Patriots, the Bills are going to lose a game at some point. If anyone thinks Buffalo will go undefeated then please let me meet them so I can knock some sense into them.

I think this Sunday is going to be a close game. It could go either way. Yes the Bengals struggled to put up points in their home opener, but prior to the 49ers, the Bengals averaged 23 points a game. Not too shabby, but nothing to be satisfied with.  On the flip side Bengals opponents average 18 points a game. If the Bengals put enough pressure on Ryan Fitzpatrick then it should make for an interesting game.

The Bengals opponent this Sunday, the Buffalo Bills, have average 37.6 points a game, while their defense has allowed an average of 24.3 points a game. The Bills offense has been impressive this season, despite it being a small sample size, while their defense has been less than impressive.

I truly believe the Bengals stand a fighting chance this weekend to come out on top of the Bills. But for the Bengals to win their defense is going to have to stop Buffalo's offensive attack. If the Bengals defensive unit performs as expected then a victory could be within reach. Then again, the offense has to do their part by moving the ball down field and putting up points this game. It's simple, Bengals can't move the ball then they won't put up many, if any points.

My prediction: the Bengals hand Buffalo their first loss of the regular season by a score of 20-17.

Alright here is a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from Thursday.

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  • So far this season the Bengals defense has looked solid while Buffalo's offense has been nearly unstoppable. This Sunday it's going to be exciting to see Cincinnati's defense face-off against the Bill's offense.
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  • An analysis of the Bengals offensive snap count and defensive snap count.
  • Ever since the Bengals drafted Andre Smith it has always been obvious that he has been walking on thin ice. He has been tumbling down a rocky slope. If anything, Smith has remained determined and it would appear as if his journey is finally improving.
  • Despite his impending suspension, Cedric Benson is going to play this week against the Bills. And this Sunday, the Bengals need him more than ever on offense while Cincinnati aims to control the ball for a majority of the game.