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Bengals Safeties Mays and Sands Could See First Action Against the Bills

Due to some minor injuries to backup safeties, Gibril Wilson, suffering from a knee injury, and Jeromy Miles, suffering from a groin injury, haven't practiced yet this week. This could open the door for some faces that we haven't seen yet to take the field for the first time as Bengals.

Taylor Mays, who was acquired via trade from the San Francisco 49ers before the season started, hasn't been able to make his way on the field yet. Mays, who seems to have all the physical tools to play safety in the NFL, was a Bengals fan favorite heading into the 2010 draft. He has been suffering knee injury for the last couple weeks.

When members of the media asked head coach Marvin Lewis about Mays during Wednesday's press conference, he responded by saying that Mays has a ton upside

"I’m asked this question a lot by my boss. I’m happy we have Taylor, and at some point I’m confident Taylor will get out and play a lot of football for us. I’m glad he’s with us. He’s everything I expected and better. I’m happy he’s on our side and we’ll continue to coach him, and at some point hopefully I can get him out there and playing for us. I think he has a high upside." 

Robers Sands was the Bengals 2011 draft pick out of West Virginia University. Sands is a tall and physical safety that wasn't afraid to hit hard in college. He finished his junior year with 53 tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks and an interception and forced fumble. 

It is unclear as to whether or not the Bengals will use Mays or Sands in week four against the Buffalo Bills but with the Bills' third ranked offense, the Bengals may decide that they want to play some more defensive backs to keep the Bills' passing game under control.