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Bengals Are Looking at the Waiver Wire; Could Add Other Players Over the Weekend

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Even when a team releases their "final" 53-man regular season roster, it's rarely the final version that fans see heading into the regular season. Every NFL team makes cuts of players that other teams may have their eye on; maybe one team is stronger at one position than others. Teams also may not like the way they've pigeonholed themselves with these supposed final decisions they've made on position groups. Or, as is currently the case with the Bengals, a starter on the offensive line gets suspended for the first four games of the year.

With the waiver wire opening on Saturday night, many close to the Bengals expect them to make a move. Head Coach Marvin Lewis, via Geoff Hobson of, said as much shortly after the 53-man roster was released

"We could be making moves all the way up until Tuesday," Lewis said. "We're going to try and make the back end of the roster better and that's how you do it."

This doesn't come as much of a surprise, as the Bengals have made a few last-minute moves over cutdown weekend the past couple of seasons. For instance, last year, the Bengals swung a trade for safety Reggie Nelson with the Jacksonville Jaguars shortly after announcing their 53-man roster. Hobson draws the conclusion that the Bengals are in the market for another guard in the wake of Bobbie Williams' four-game suspension, already fully aware of Williams' upcoming time off.

With the Bengals having one of the youngest rosters with the average experience being 3.75 years, they are going to be looking at the waiver wire for some grizzled veterans--and not just at the guard position. With the unorthodox roster numbers they unveiled the safety and cornerback groups today (six safeties, four cornerbacks), the Bengals may be looking at changing up those groups as well via waivers. Even though the team announced it's 53-man roster for the 2011, it's likely that a few names will change over the course of the weekend.