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From The Cincy Jungle Writing Staff: Thank You

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The lockout lifted in late July and the National Football League returned. Cincinnati Bengals fans rejoiced, just to have football back in their lives in late Summer. New pieces on the roster, combined with so much uncertainty facing this team brought anxiety, dread, anticipation and even hope.

And it showed.

Cincy Jungle broke the one million barrier for traffic during the month of August -- a record-shattering month of us. During that time we had 412 stories for the month, an average of around 13.3 postings per day. When we launched in March of 2006, our first month we had only 1,927 page views for the month. We're averaging 1,971% that number, per day.

And we couldn't do it without you guys, the readers. If not for you reading our pages every day, chiming with your opinions on the subject and being the most loyal readers that exist, we wouldn't have the motivation and inspiration to do this every day. We're in our fifth year doing this and we're just as pumped about maintaining this site as ever.

So pat yourselves on the back. You've helped make Cincy Jungle one of the best Bengals websites available. And it wouldn't have happened without you.