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Roster Prediction: Our Locks For The Cincinnati Bengals Eight-Man Practice Squad

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Now that we have the practice squad rules posted, let's see how that relates to the Cincinnati Bengals. Rule is this. You can have eight players on your practice squad (and a ninth if that player is international). Players eligible can't have an accrued season on the 53-man roster and during their only accrued season, players can't be listed on the active 45-man roster for more than eight games. That leaves the Bengals with 19 players released on Saturday eligible to return on the team's practice squad, provided that they clear waivers. We're going to guess which players that the Bengals keep.

  • CB Brandon Ghee: A former third round pick, the Bengals will want to keep Ghee and allow him to develop without the risk of injury that hurt his progress last season. He's also an option to bring to the 53-man roster in case Adam Jones' return doesn't happen due to last year's spinal injury.
  • WR Andrew Hawkins: Was on the wrong side of a position battle between he and rookie Ryan Whalen. Hawkins impressed a lot of people with his special teams play.
  • LB DeQuin Evans: Perhaps one of the most impressive developments during training camp and the preseason, generating a lot of praise from the coaching staff.
  • CB Korey Lindsey: Now that Leon Hall is signed long-term and Nate Clements signed for two seasons, the Bengals can develop Lindsey at their own pace; perhaps in preparation to eventually replace Clements during the 2013 season.
  • DT Jason Shirley: The Bengals have done whatever it took to keep Shirley around, even converting him into an offensive guard in 2009. Additionally the Bengals kept only three defensive tackles on the 53-man roster, and may want to keep Shirley around in case of injury.
  • QB Dan LeFevour: Much like defensive tackle, the Bengals kept two quarterbacks on their active roster. If either Andy Dalton or Bruce Gradkowski suffer an injury, or at the very least are unavailable for one reason or another, the Bengals will need a third quarterback available to them.
  • RB Jay Finley: Marvin Lewis praised Finley during training camp before injury dashed his chances of making the 53-man roster. Keep note here that Benson, Scott and Leonard have all suffered injuries that's forced them to miss time in the past two seasons. Keeping Finley helps solidly the position against injury, but it also allows the team to develop another running back.
  • DB Rico Murray: The Bengals just like Murray for his versatility and special teams play. If there's an injury at safety or cornerback, Murray allows the team options.
  • OT Matthew O'Donnell (International Player): Thanks to the reminder of one reader (Boomer Lion), O'Donnell was born in Canada and played college ball at Queen's making him an international player, therefore allowing the team a ninth member on the practice squad. Additionally Marvin Lewis was at one point reportedly pleased with the progress of O'Donnell, who was a long-shot on a roster full of tackles that have starting experience.

Other former Bengals players eligible include:

  • FB Fui Vakapuna
  • TE John Nalbone
  • FB James Develin
  • CB David Pender
  • DE James Ruffin
  • WR Calvin Russell
  • DT Cornell Banks
  • HB John Griffin,
  • G Chris Riley
  • K Thomas Weber