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Bengals Reportedly Have Made Multiple Waiver Claims

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The Cincinnati Bengals have already made one waiver claim Sunday, taking wide receiver and kickoff returner Brandon Tate from the New England Patriots. When teams claim players off waivers from another team, they are forced onto the new team's 53-man roster.

Cincinnati has already lost one player as a possible practice squad candidate when the Arizona Cardinals claimed cornerback Korey Lindsey on Sunday.

That being said, the Bengals have reportedly made multiple waiver claims and will be announced at some point today.

It just goes to show that the final 53-man roster that's declared on Saturday is rarely the 53-man roster that the team takes into the regular season. As to whom the other claim could be, the reality is that it could be anyone. If the Bengals feel an available player helps improve their overall roster, the team may pull the trigger.

With Tate likely to transfer onto the 53-man roster, it does force the team options with Ryan Whalen who is expected as the oddman out. Once the corresponding move is announced, Whalen could be placed on waivers and when he clears, he'll eventually sign back to the team's practice squad.