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Inside The Numbers: Cincinnati Bengals Need Nine Wins To Reach 300-Win Milestone

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Oddly enough several franchises in the NFL could reach milestones this year. The Arizona Cardinals need six wins while the Detroit only need four to reach 500. The San Diego Chargers need six and the Tennessee Titans need nine to reach 400. The Saints (with nine wins) and the Falcons (with five wins) are closing in on 300 wins. And the Cincinnati Bengals franchise is only nine wins shy from reaching the 300-win milestone.

However (as one of the most obvious statements we could make), if the Bengals would have remained consistent with their winning percentage during Paul Brown's era as the team's president, the Bengals could have generated another 46 wins, according to my eighth grade algebra project.

Since the franchise's inaugural season in 1968 through Paul Brown's final season as the team's owner in 1990, the Bengals had a regular season record of 171-168-1 (.504). Combined with the team's all-time 5-7 playoff record, the Bengals still sport a winning record of .501 (176-175-1). Following Paul Brown's death, due to complications with pneumonia, his son Mike took over ownership responsibilities with the team. And during his tenure as the team's president, the Bengals have a winning percentage of .357 (115-206-1). In translation, Mike's winning percentage is .144 points less than his father's.

Truth is our point with this post was simply to establish that the Bengals need nine wins this year to reach 300 franchise wins. As we put the post together, we realized that even if we didn't bring up the difference of tenures between father and son, it would still be brought up. In reality we're not here to drive home the point about Mike Brown's ownership -- rather than generating another website that rips into Mike Brown and his tenure as the team's president, we've tried picking and choosing when to make those points. And honestly that time isn't now; not with a brand new regular season kicking off less than a week away.

As to whether the Bengals reach nine wins this year, we'll just say using our balanced point of view that it'll be a stretch.