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Bengals DE Carlos Dunlap Returns to Practice on Monday

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Carlos Dunlap, who broke the franchise's record for most sacks by a rookie with 9.5 in 2010, returned to practice today and according to Paul Dehner Jr. of, he looked good rushing the passer in practice. 

DE Carlos Dunlap (knee) returned to practice Monday and looked good rushing the quarterback. All indication are he should play Sunday against Cleveland.

Dunlap sat out of the entire preseason with a knee injury that worried a lot of fans (and us). It wasn't quite clear if the team was just making sure that he would be healthy for the regular season or if there was a much larger problem with Dunlap's knee.

More than likely, Dunlap won't be starting at defensive end on Sunday. Instead, Robert Geathers will be playing opposite of Michael Johnson at the end position. Dunlap will probably come in on obvious passing situations to help get to the quarterback but even if that's the case he may play only a handful of downs on defense. 

Hopefully he's back to 100 percent now, but if not, it would be nice to see him at 100 percent by the time the Bengals get into the meat and potatoes of their schedule.