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The Bengals Are Seven-Point Underdogs Against The Cleveland Browns

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The Cleveland Browns finished the 2010 season with one more win than the Cincinnati Bengals; even though the Browns lost five games in the division compared to Cincinnati's four. Additionally the Browns would go on to match Cincinnati's preseason record of 1-3 this year.

The Battle of Ohio is facing two teams in the middle of respective rebuilding seasons. Both teams are implementing new offenses in an attempt to recapture some mark on the division dominated with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens; though one could argue that Baltimore's "dominance" has only won one division championship in the past seven seasons (Bengals have won two during that time).

Yet it's about expectations right now. Expectations for the Bengals isn't very high right now, with many new pieces being implemented into the team.

According to, the Bengals are seven-point underdogs this Sunday, sporting the third biggest spread for the weekend. San Diego are nine-point favorites over the Vikings with the Arizona eight-point favorites over the Panthers.

You know, I'm tempted.