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Bengals Sign Rico Murray To The 53-Man Roster

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The Cincinnati Bengals have signed Rico Murray back to the 53-man roster on Tuesday, according to multiple sources. Murray, a versatile defensive back, didn't make it through Saturday's final cuts. Since then the Bengals made a waiver claim on tight end Mickey Shuler Jr, forcing the team to release Chase Coffman off the 53-man roster -- who was re-signed onto the practice squad after he cleared waivers.

Unfortunately Shuler didn't pass his physical, voiding the claim and leaving the team's roster one player short of the 53-man maximum. There was reason to believe that that third player would be another tight end, considering that the Bengals will only be taking two into the regular season opener against the Cleveland Browns. But hey, why not go with what you know?

Murray is known for being versatile enough to play each position in the defensive backfield, as well as a decent special teams player. Also, we had Rico Murray making our 53-man roster in our annual prediction. Though he didn't make it through, does it count that he's back now?