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Question Of The Day: Should The Bengals Entertain Signing Quarterback David Garrard

According to reports around the league, the Jacksonville Jaguars have released (former) starting quarterback David Garrard on Tuesday. Our friend Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country (SB Nation's Jacksonville Jaguars blog) writes in response to the news:

While it's a stunning move, it shouldn't be a huge surprise. Flat out, David Garrard was terrible in the preseason and throughout training camp. It's no surprise either that Luke McCown will be the opening day starter.

In nine seasons with the Jaguars, Garrard has amassed over 16,000 yards passing, 89 career touchdowns and 54 interceptions for a career passer rating of 85.8. He's posted more touchdowns than interceptions in each of the past five seasons where he posted ten starts or more and his last season with Jacksonville, Garrard posted a career-best 25 touchdowns and a second-best passer rating of 90.8.

You know the Bengals situation. Andy Dalton is the team's starting quarterback -- there's no disputing that. However the question is, if the Bengals entertained the idea of signing Garrard, now a free agent, would you applaud it or be dead-set against it like an old man watching damned kids walk in your perfectly groomed yard? There are benefits. If Dalton sustains an injury, would you feel comfortable with Bruce Gradkowski (with 20 career starts and a 6-14 record) or Garrard (with 76 career starts and a 39-37 record).