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Bengals Early Bird Special

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Good morning everyone! Time to rise and shine! Grab that cup of coffee, rush out the door only to get stuck in traffic for an hour, and get to work before anyone notices that you're late. Good luck with that if you are in that situation.

I'm back from the dead so to speak. I had to get my computer fixed and that's why I was unable to provide the "Early Bird Special." Hope you all survived. Anyways I'm back and looking forward to the Bengals' season opener against the Browns.

A guy walks into a bar with his pet dog. The bartender politely says, "I'm sorry sir, but no pets allowed."

The man replied, "This is a special dog. Turn on the Browns game and you'll see what I'm talking about."

The bartender, anxious to see what will happen turned on the game. The guy said, "Watch. Whenever Cleveland scores my dog does flips."

The Browns keep scoring field goals and the dog keeps flipping, barking, and jumping.

"Wow! That's one hell of a dog you've got there! What does your dog do when the Browns score a touchdown?"

The man replied, "Good question. I honestly don't know. I've only had him for nine years."

Let's hope that the Bengals are able to do that on Sunday and start off the season on a positive note! Cincinnati Bengals forever! Cleveland Browns NEVER!! 

Alright here is a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from Tuesday.

  • ESPN released their first regular season Power Rankings where the Bengals are ranked dead last and one thought on it is, who cares?
  • Bengals player pick 'em for week one against the Cleveland Browns. 
  • Question of the day regarding whether or not the Bengals should pursue former Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback David Garrard
  • The Bengals are set to sign quarterback Zac Robinson to the active 53-man roster, which ultimately means the end is here for fan favorite Dan LeFevour.
  • The Bengals have also signed Rico Murray to the 53-man roster.
  • Entering Sunday's game against the Browns, the Bengals are seven-point underdogs. You have to love rooting for the underdogs!
  •  Rookie guard Clint Boling is in first position on the team's depth charts which could be an indication that he could be starting on Sunday. What other legitimate options do the Bengals have?
  • Since everyone around football (analysts, coaches, players, and also fans) like to make predictions, we decided to make our own regarding the Bengals 2011 season.
  • When taking a look at the 2011 and comparing them to the Bengals of 2010, there are 15 players that have now left the team. Some of the household names (Ochocinco, Palmer, Owens, etc.) are now out of the Queen City.
  • According to sources the Bengals are set to host former Missouri center Tim Barnes for a workout.