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Bengals Early Bird Special

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Good morning everyone! Time to rise and shine. Grab yourdonut and prepare to feed your Cincy Jungle addiction.

It's a new day and with every new day there is a new feeling of hope and optimism. In all honesty, I'm very optimistic about Sunday's game against the lowly Cleveland Browns. I really like the youngsters on offense. My only fear is that the Bengals won't find a rhythm on offense until it's too late. But hopefully I'm wrong about that.

One day the Seven Dwarfs were marching through the forest when all of a sudden they fell into a deep, dark ravine. Snow White, who was following them from a distance, peered over the edge of the steep chasm and called out to the fallen dwarfs.

From the depths of the dreary hole a voice responded to her cry, "The Browns are Super Bowl contenders!"

Snow White thought to herself, "Thank least Dopey survived!"

We all know Cleveland won't be contending for the playoffs anytime soon and by the time they are capable of competing they will have been relocated......again. So technically in that case, Cleveland wouldn't be in always.

Alright here is a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from Wednesday.

  • With Opening Day quickly approaching one should note that both opponents in the Bengals vs. Browns game have had their fair share of struggles in Week 1 in recent history.
  • According to Forbes Magazine, the Bengals are worth $875 million. I promise that's not a typo either. Some days it amazes me that they are even worth that much with the way Mike Brown operates.
  • Alright so even though Sundays game has yet to take place there's really no need to watch it because apparently, according to experts, the Bengals are doomed on Sunday against the Browns. Now that's a bit harsh to say because Cleveland isn't in much better shape than the Bengals.
  • The practice/injury report for the Bengals and Browns. Newcomers Taylor Mays and Kelly Jennings both missed practice on Wednesday while both are nursing minor injuries.
  • The first regular season questions were asked: Is the Bengals defensive front the best on the field.? It might not be the best per say, but it certainly has some depth and can compete with almost any team. How will injuries impact the depth at linebacker? Injuries will have a huge impact on depth at any position, especially linebacker since Keith Rivers is out. And finally, did the Bengals do enough to replace Johnathan Joesph, who departed via free agency. They did what Mike Brown was willing to do.
  • Dontay Moch and Otis Hudson could both be back in action by the Bengals' home opener on September 25.
  • During the offseason the Bengals addressed their need for safety, but have the new additions actually improved their depth at safety?
  • I know everyone is tired of hearing about anything that involves Carson Palmer, but according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, the Bengals "leaked their hope" that eventually franchise quarterback Carson Palmer would return.